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Gaming is fun!

“We didn’t bring cheese so quarrying is slow.”


Overheard in Taelmex

“There’s a book on insanity over there, written by my first boyfriend.”

Overheard in

“Iedere gek kan kinderen krijgen.
Maar voor een opleiding moet je leren!!!!!
Hoe krom is het in de wereld!”

One has to learn for an education now? It’s a shame!


Sentences never uttered before

Here’s a fun game. You and your beloved go to sleep together but you talk a bit while drifting off. It doesn’t matter what you talk about. When drifting off, parts of your brain shut down, or go in free mode, whatever. This means that you reach a point in which you can still talk but no longer think logically (I’ll refrain from making the quite obvious jab to certain groups of people). This leads to gems like “The Planck Constant is really practical for making vampire stakes”. Find a love and get to sleep!

Overheard in Taelmex

Girlfriend: “You don’t find her beautiful?! You have such weird taste in women!”

Overheard in Taelmex

“You’re a dick! But you’re MY dick. Oh, wait. That doesn’t work.”

Overheard in Taelmex

“Keep your dangly appendages away from my teapot!”

Overheard in Taelmex

“Did you just spit in my ear or is it starting to rain?”

Happy pi day!

“Pi is a round number.”

Overheard in Taelmex

“I’m afraid it’s not very frightening.”