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Overheard in Taelmex

“Keep your dangly appendages away from my teapot!”


Overheard in Taelmex

“Did you just spit in my ear or is it starting to rain?”

Happy pi day!

“Pi is a round number.”

Overheard in Taelmex

“I’m afraid it’s not very frightening.”

Overheard in Taelmex

“I really don’t want to interrupt you right now, but there’s a goose swimming over there with a haircut like Hitler.”

Overheard in Taelmex

“My hair looks better when I’m at your place.”


Hi, I’m Alex. I have no idea what to post right now, I kind of want to wait and see what direction this blog will be taking. So for now, the chosen direction is called “standing still”.

Now let’s wait and see if something happens.